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Moberry’s Bath, Body and Crafts provides quality bath and body products made with local and Certified Organic ingredients. It consciously seeks out pure, natural ingredients that are gentle and effective on the body as well as kind to the environment. Choose from men’s shave soap, men’s aftershave, deodorant, emulsified scrubs, body butter, facial moisturizer, lip balm, bath bombs, bubble bath bars, soap and laundry soap, all made without the use of chemicals. Moberry’s Bath, Body and Crafts also produces an assortment of hand sewn and handmade crafts made with upcycled/recycled materials, including tooth fairy pillows and kids’ recycled crayon art folders. Moberry’s Bath, Body and Crafts products are available at The Last Minute Market and directly from the artisan.

Moberry’s Bath, Body and Crafts is a member of the Canadian Guild of Soap Makers, Chandlers and Cosmetic Crafters.

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Meet Miranda Kessler

Meet Miranda Kessler

Miranda Kessler was concerned about the chemicals that are added to many commercial bath and body products, such as parabens and sulphates. As a mother of young children, she wanted to limit her and her family's exposure to chemicals, but had a hard time finding products locally that were natural, holistic and healthy. She tried ordering products online, but the cost of shipping on top of the cost of the products themselves was prohibitive. Plus, it didn't make sense to order healthy products only to increase pollution generated during the shipping process.

That's when she decided to make her own bath and body products instead. She was elated with the results, and continued experimenting with more and more types of products until she realized she was onto something good and could be successful selling them. Going into business has allowed Miranda to be a stay-at-home mom while supplementing the family's income. She works around the needs and schedules of her children and is grateful to be able to be with them during this stage of their lives. She appreciates being able to make her own business decisions, like what ingredients to use and what products to make, according to her own values and vision.

Miranda is involved with The Last Minute Market and notes that there are some talented artisans who take part. It is a wonderful way to promote local products and their makers. Without it, local artists wouldn't have much exposure, and, she adds, Prince Rupert "is very open-minded and supportive towards the arts and crafts community." She is grateful that this opportunity exists and deeply appreciates the support of her customers.

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