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Green Island Coastal Charters Ltd. is a local vessel charter operator that provides guests access to BC west coast key fishing, whale watching, diving and local scenic destinations. Their mission is to provide their guests with a memorable, rewarding and safe west coast charter. Chartering out of Prince Rupert, Green Island Coastal Charters invites clients to aboard their 28 ft. Blue Max vessel for cruising and fishing on the Pacific Ocean. The waters off of Prince Rupert are full of spectacular scenery and host an abundance of wildlife. Through Green Island Coastal Charters clients will have a coastal experience with some of the most diverse ocean species in the world. John and Maureen are proud of their business and of the flexibility they’ve shown to meet their client’s expectations and adapt to changes in weather and conditions that allow for a successful trip every time.

Green Island Coastal Charters is experienced on the water and knows their boat inside and out. Guide John has the required Transport Canada’s Marine Safety Certifications, including Small Vessel Operators Proficiency, MED A2 – Advanced Marine Emergency Duties, Restricted Radio Operators Certificate, and Coastal Navigation. Safety is a key priority with Green Island Coastal Charters and guides also have additional courses include St. John’s Ambulance Safety First Aid and more. They comply 100% with Transport Canada standards, are fully insured and Green Island Coastal Charters is also a member of the Prince Rupert Chamber of Commerce.

Meet John Bushell & Maureen Vozsler

Meet John Bushell & Maureen Vozsler

John and Maureen love living in Prince Rupert. "The ocean and the wilderness is at our doorstep," said John. John points out that the world is looking at Prince Rupert and people are learning what residents have known all along - that Prince Rupert is a diversified place to live and an amazing place to recreate. "We enjoy the nature and the beauty of the region," said Maureen. The rich First Nations history and the long time Prince Rupert tradition of coastal fishing makes Prince Rupert special. The Prince Rupert Archives is a special local spot that John and Maureen value for their ongoing work to ensure the story of the development of Prince Rupert is preserved.

Prince Rupert has a variety of great small businesses and John recommends Dolly's Fish Market, Maverick Mart Groceries and Adventure Launch Tours. John and Maureen own and operate Green Island Coastal Charters. John notes that the local store owners and operators in Prince Rupert are supportive of one another. "I love doing business in a small town because there are many synergies in being linked to local businesses such as sharing ideas, marketing and referrals to one another," explained John.

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