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Located right in the heart of downtown Prince George, True S3lf: Wellness for Mind, Body & Spirit guides individuals toward their fullest potential. There are counselling services for all of life’s stressors, including anxiety, depression, burn-out, relationship issues, grief and loss, and more. Sometimes all it takes for positive change is sharing your personal story with an attentive, non-judgmental professional in a safe and supportive environment.

Tammy Skomorowski is equally qualified through her certification and higher education, as she is her genuine and empathic nature. Her expertise knows no bounds as she assists clients in developing practical skills and tools, as well as going deeper to uncover patterns that keep you stuck. For those who are seeking a more positive outlook on life and within yourself, consider spiritual life coaching, mindfulness and meditation classes, or a manifestation program.

True S3lf hosts numerous workshops to explore life purpose and enhance quality of life. Self-care and relaxation techniques are taught, as well as visualization and ‘law of attraction’ to manifest the life you’ve always desired. True S3lf has the knowledge to assist you on the path to self-discovery, self-love and self-growth.

Meet Tammy Skomorowski

Meet Tammy Skomorowski

Tammy Skomorowski has had a hand in many social programs throughout the city of Prince George. Acting on numerous boards in the community such as the local crisis line and as a counsellor through UNBC, CNC, Intersect & the Cancer Agency. Tammy has made it her life’s purpose to help others discover their true s3lf. Her efforts have helped countless individuals and as a result, business is booming. What started off as phone counselling out of her home in 2015 quickly expanded into the multifaceted private practice it is today.

Tammy is always finding new ways to connect and inspire people, with recent mindfulness and meditation programs opening up at UNBC, Three Sisters Rock ’N’ Gems and InJoy.

For Tammy, Prince George made absolute sense as the location for her business. Tammy and her family had the opportunity to live anywhere in the world, ultimately deciding to build their roots in the northern BC city. PG had everything the couple wanted to raise their child in a supportive and connected community and it offers a quality life. “To me, Prince George feels like a smaller, cozier community. It is ripe for personal awakening”, beams Tammy. “I love that there is only one degree of separation between us all. It’s fun to feel that kind of connection.”

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