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At The Rusty Gate- A Vintage Obsession, vintage is the new modern. Its artists are obsessed with everything vintage and antique and passionate about taking old things and making them “new” again. For the staff at The Rusty Gate, it’s all about re-purposing, re-creating, re-imagining and re-using. You’re invited to stop in and check out its ever-changing inventory of the uncommon and unusual, which includes vintage decor, books, furniture, chalk-paint items and many other treasures for your home, office or special collection.

Meet Mary Schultz

Meet Mary Schultz

Mary Schultz admits that "we are a creative and artsy bunch and a little bit crazy here." She even has a sign in the shop that alludes to that. It is one of the elements that has contributed to the positive responses she has received about her vintage decor and antiques business. Mary is elated with the contemporary movement toward re-purposing old items. It gives her a little thrill to be able to take an old item and restore it, or re-imagine it and make it into something else entirely. Her passion for re-imagining even extends to the building, which she, with the help of her family, put a lot of TLC into in order to turn it into a pleasing and relaxing space.

Mary and her husband have been entrepreneurs for many years, so Mary's latest venture was simply a natural expression of her entrepreneurial spirit combined with her artistic creativity. Fortunately for her, Prince George is a wonderfully supportive and promising place for entrepreneurs. Since the shop opened in 2015, she has felt overwhelming support both from community members as well as from her fellow small business owners, who truly want to see her succeed. "It is heart-warming," says Mary.

Mary is excited by the efforts that have been made in recent years to beautify the downtown business area and make it an attractive place to shop and eat. "I always had a heart for the downtown area and enjoy seeing all the improvements being done," Mary states. She anticipates renewed growth in the downtown area and in Prince George in general as more people move to the area for its affordable living and access to amenities and the great outdoors.

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