Serengeti Trading Outlet Northern BC

Food & Beverage-Gluten-Free Options

Serengeti Trading Outlet Northern BC is an international and specialty grocery store located in Prince George. They provide wholesale specialty products to the food industry and offer packaged goods from all over the world. Customers looking for South African, Latin American, U.K., U.S.A. and specialty Canadian products can also find them here. Greek, Italian and French groceries are also available as well as delicious delicacies that are made locally.

Their international freezer meals are bound to delight your taste buds and their upcoming cooking classes will be something everyone can enjoy.

Serengeti is proud to be part of the Prince George community and is delighted to be able to offer its residents an opportunity to experience tastes from all over the world.

Whether you are for looking to purchase your favorite cultural cuisines or to try something new, you can be sure the great people at Serengeti Trading Outlet will have exactly what you are searching for!

Meet Toni Schell

Meet Toni Schell

Growing up in South Africa, the nation’s cuisine has always been a big part of Toni Schell's culture. “I love to cook and still cook very traditional South African dishes,” she says. “I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur so when an opportunity came up to start my own business in an industry that I have a passion for, I couldn't pass it up.” In May 2012, Serengeti Trading Outlet Northern BC was born.

Toni's favorite part of being an entrepreneur is the independence that self-employment brings. She takes pride in the fact that her hard work is showcased through her business’ success and says she feels very supported by the community. “There is an extreme level of support for small business in Prince George,” she says. “People are constantly cheering for others to do well. There is a sense of community and support you receive from living here. All in all, people want to see you succeed.”

Toni admits there isn’t much for free time these days but says she still tries to make entertaining a priority. “I love to cook so I have my family over for dinner lots.”

“This is a beautiful town and I'm proud to live here, says entrepreneur Toni. “There are many great shops here but some of my favorites are Shiraz, Karahi King, and Ooh Chocolate & More. I feel like our town is working hard to support local business which is a comforting feeling. I’ve noticed more business in downtown Prince George lately and I think it’s wonderful.”

550 George Street
Prince George, BC V2L 1R7


Monday to Friday
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
9:00 am - 5:00 pm