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If there is a heaven for chocolate lovers, this just might be it. Ohh Chocolat Cafe and More caters to the chocolate tooth with handmade and dipped original-recipe chocolates. They have an open chocolate kitchen with a large window where you can view the daily making of their sweet treats and baking. Choose from a dozen or more delectable varieties that include truffles and barks, old favourites (with modern Ohh Chocolat flair) like Tiger Butter and Peanut Butter Cups and Ohh Chocolat original exclusives like Oopsees.

Enjoy an indulgent and decadent chocolate treat “just because,” or as a follow-up to a home-style, scratch-made, original recipe sandwich, panini or soup or an accompaniment to a steaming cup of java, tea or, of course, hot chocolate.

Ohh Chocolat Cafe and More also has gourmet artisan chocolate baskets and gifts for every occasion. Ohh Chocolat will even bring its signature dishes and chocolates to you when you get them to cater your wedding or special event.

Ohh Chocolate Cafe and More is a proud member of the Downtown Business Association.

Meet Caroline & John Longhurst

Meet Caroline & John Longhurst

Caroline Longhurst’s career as a police officer first brought her to Burns Lake in 1993 and then to Prince George in 1995. She worked the downtown core for several years. She met and married her husband during those early years, and then went on to have two boys. The long hours and demanding work of her job began to take their toll when her boys were young. Caroline made the decision to retire after 15 years in the force and found herself without a job. She began to consider the idea of going into business and opening a café. But it couldn’t be just any kind of café. It needed something special… something sweet. Caroline soon realized that Prince George didn’t have any artisan chocolate. She began sourcing out chocolate makers, but couldn’t find any that quite fit her vision for her restaurant. Undaunted, she made the bold decision to learn how to make chocolate herself, and she spent time studying under two master chocolatiers until she was proficient enough to be her own artisan chocolate supplier.

Caroline has embraced the transformation from cop to chocolatier, and not long after opening Ohh Chocolate Café and More in 2008 it got so busy she had to hire help. Today she has a great group of staff members whom she says she absolutely cannot live without. "Without this perfect staff," says Caroline, "I would not have a successful business. I am very proud of my co-workers!" And that includes husband, John, who fills in wherever he happens to be needed, especially when it comes to fixing things that break.

The irony of owning a business in the same area of town that she used to patrol as a police officer is not lost on her. She notes that the area has changed dramatically since she walked the beat, and she is excited to be a part of positive advances being made by the city and by united downtown business owners to make downtown Prince George a more vibrant and attractive place to shop, eat and do business.

565 George St
Prince George, BC V2L 1R8


Monday to Saturday
8:00 am - 2:30 pm