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Kinesionics Integrative Healthcare offers a natural, holistic approach to health care and ongoing wellness. Kinesionics Integrative Healthcare provides clients with an individualized and customized approach to managing stress and its symptoms, which often include chronic pain and headaches, chronic illness, emotional and physical trauma and anxiety disorders.

Services and treatment strategies include allergy corrections, chronic pain alleviation, reduction and removal of emotional/psychological trauma, energy-based therapies to correct the energetic system of the body, food and supplement based therapies for illness, rebuilding of proper body ecology and immunity, detoxification strategies and customized herbal and supplement regimes.
Every treatment and session are individualized since there is no one strategy that works for every person. Kinesionics Integrative Healthcare also works with pets with behavioral issues.

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Meet Cheryl Hannah

Meet Cheryl Hannah

One of the things that distinguishes Prince George from other communities, according to Cheryl Hannah Nicholson, is that people who live here take pride in their community and act on it. "Every day I see someone going around cleaning up litter in the downtown core," says Cheryl. "It makes it pleasant to be here." In fact, Cheryl has noticed a growing sense of ownership among the downtown core businesses to better their community for the sake of everyone.

Cheryl notes that she knows many of her fellow downtown business owners and that they are all very dedicated, both to their customers and to the community as a whole. She has also seen firsthand the power of a group of people all dedicated to a similar goal and outcome. "I love being in a central location among other entrepreneurs. They provide inspiration, creative energy, and are a source of people to refer my clients to, thus extending ways in which I am able to assist my client base."

Being an entrepreneur, Cheryl notes, means that your work and your business are what you make of it. "When you are an employee, you can be having a bad day, but as long as you show up and do the work, you get paid. If you have a bad day or week as an entrepreneur, it shows up in your bottom line! It is a great motivator to get better!" Plus, she adds, "I like the freedom to create whatever I want to create in my own business as the spirit moves me. I am not answerable to anyone else's agenda beside providing the best care I can for my clients."

When it comes to living here, Cheryl believes that Prince George is "the perfect size." Rather than six degrees of separation, it's "more like one or two," Cheryl says. "I can go into just about any store in town and meet people I know. People here will actually meet your gaze and smile back at you on the city streets. Try doing that in Vancouver!" Plus, Prince George has all the amenities one could possibly need, but it is still small enough that "just a short drive puts you out in the wilderness if you need the peace of getting away from it all."

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