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Get inspired to spruce up your home with the beautiful selection of home décor at Better Home Decoration and Gift. Discover unique gift ideas, or that perfect piece to compliment your space- all at a very reasonable price.

Make your house a home with statement pieces well-suited to an array of decor styles. From country-chic and farmhouse rustic, to modern and elegant, Better Home Decoration and Gift has something for everyone! Popular items include plants, picture frames, candles, metal arts, dishware, wall art and beyond.

Customer service is always number one. Upon request, your newfound treasure is lovingly wrapped like a present upon purchase, ready to be delivered to its recipient. There are items not found anywhere else in Prince George, so be sure to check for new selections before it’s too late!

Make Better Home Decoration and Gift your go-to shop for all things home décor. You’ll be glad you stopped by!

Meet Jessica Chen

Meet Jessica Chen

Jessica Chen made the big move from the Lower Mainland in 2017. In search of fewer crowds and saturated markets, she knew she had found her own personal paradise here in Prince George. The northern capital provided all the small town lifestyle perks Jessica was looking for while maintaining the necessary population to catapult a newfound business to success.

As a first time entrepreneur, Jessica wanted to put to good use her family’s lifelong hobby of farming and arranging succulents. Working with plants right from seed, all the way to the beautiful, lush results on display in her store, provides the Chens with a level of satisfaction that no standard office job would inspire. Even Jessica’s two children get in on the action- assisting in the tender loving care that goes into each succulent’s growth and design.

So far the move has gone exceedingly well. The Chens have revelled in their very first experience with snow, hailing from the South China region most of their lives. Jessica absolutely loves how friendly and receptive people have been, both to her and her family, and her small business. She appreciates the optimal balance in her life, enjoying the extra time for her family and leisurely excursions around town.

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