Rocking Island Rock

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Rocking Island Rock owner Derek Hardt has always had a natural eye for spotting beautiful and unique rocks on Haida Gwaii. Now he’s using his gifts to cut and polish his finds, selling them in a variety of small shops and local markets! 

Rocking Island Rock offers custom cuts of local stones ranging from agate, jasper, opal and many more beautiful local specimens. You can pick up a stone by itself or find pieces that have been set into earrings or pendants. 

Derek Hardt is just getting Rocking Island Rock started and he’s excited to use his creativity to bring islanders and visitors unique, storied pieces.

Meet Derek Hardt

Meet Derek Hardt

Long time rock hound, Derek Hardt, spends time on the island enjoying its spectacular natural environments, searching for new rocks, picking mushrooms and gardening. Derek has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and when he bought professional tools, he knew it was time to channel his creativity into a business.
Seeing people light up when they find a piece that speaks to them is the best reward for Derek and he is looking forward to creating even more styles from his finds!