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Port Air Cargo Services helps take the stress out of moving your goods throughout the islands. Its highly-trained, professional staff treat your shipment with expert care, getting it safely from its point of origin to its destination on time. The capable and knowledgeable staff treats clients like family, providing comprehensive information and assurance that your cargo is as important to them as it is to you. Port Air Cargo Services works with private individuals and businesses and also represents two major carriers. Pick-up and delivery service is available for your convenience.

Meet Leah Croft

Meet Leah Croft

Leah Croft worked for Port Air Cargo for several years when the opportunity arose for her to purchase the business. Although business ownership wasn't something she had considered before, she liked her job and believed in the company, so she bought it in 2010. It has allowed her not only to continue doing a job that she enjoys, but to experience the rewards and sense of fulfillment that comes with business ownership. Leah felt very supported by the local community, and she knows that this has played a significant role in the business' ongoing success.

Since her business keeps her in regular contact with people all over the islands, she feels as though she is connected to communities all over Haida Gwaii. Says Leah, "It is great to see familiar faces everywhere we go. The people we get to deal with on a daily basis are some of the best." And that includes her staff, who Leah describes as extremely personable and reliable and an essential part of the company.

Leah first moved to Port Clements in 1994, and she quickly adopted it and the islands as her new home. Owning a business here has made it possible for her to continue living in this community that she loves so much. Not only does she appreciate its friendly, supportive people, but she also feels a deep connection to the incredible natural surroundings. She spends as much time on Haida Gwaii's beaches as she can, whether it be surfing the north end, driving east beach, paddling Masset inlet or searching for treasures on the west coast. Leah also believes that there are some fabulous businesses here, like Jag's Beanstalk, Angela's Place, Bayview Market and AMS, that give it a unique character.

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