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Modern meets ancient in this contemporary getaway tucked away on one of Canada’s most remote locations. Nadu Creek Loft is a quiet retreat from the ordinary. Relax in the spacious, open-concept loft accommodation. The space features two queen beds and two single beds, one private bedroom, full kitchen, bathroom, laundry, a large well-lit sitting area, private yard and entrance and a covered deck. Situated in a rural setting at the north end of Graham Island, nature awaits just steps from the front door. Guests can explore beaches and endless forest trails in nearby areas and even request a guided tour of the area’s best sites. Nadu Creek Loft offers nightly and short-term accommodations, as well as a modern open-designed space for meetings, retreats or small events.

When co-owner Kiku Dhanwant is not busy working in the Haida Gwaii forest, she offers Indian cooking workshops and dishes. In Kiku’s Kitchen, guests can enjoy authentic Punjabi cuisine prepared from scratch, including vegetarian and vegan dishes. Self-made Chef Kiku Dhanwant emphasizes fresh, local ingredients in her dishes and in-season fruits, vegetables and meats when available. Dine in or order your favourites pre-made to reheat at home or in your room. Kiku’s Kitchen even offers cooking lessons for those who want to learn how to make delicious Punjabi cuisine at home.

Meet Kiku Dhanwant & Gerry Morigeau

Meet Kiku Dhanwant & Gerry Morigeau

There is something special and innately awe-inspiring about Haida Gwaii, says Kiku Dhanwant. One thing that makes it so is the people of Haida Gwaii. “I love living here because you really get to know your neighbors and everyone has something to offer regardless of their background. We give each other space but come together in times of need or celebration,” say Kiku.

Another thing that distinguishes it from other places is that the people and the land are very intertwined here. “The land, ocean and weather keep you humble and instill a need to work, eat and play with a sense of gratitude,” Kiku notes. “It is a beautiful part of the world that I am still getting to know every day. It is remote and gives me a chance to connect with the places and people closest to me. Haida Gwaii is special in that we stand up for the land, the ocean and our community.”

Kiku and her partner, Gerry Morigeau, started Nadu Creek Loft as a way to connect with people through food and culture. “We enjoy working directly with people to connect and exchange ideas. We love to find ways to share our love of Haida Gwaii and its abundant foods in a way that is true to the spirit of living here.” Kiku brings together Haida Gwaii local foods and Punjabi culture in her passion for cooking, which she loves to share with guests as well as people who live here. Hunting, gathering and growing and preserving their own food is a big part of the couple’s life, both in and outside of their work. Kiku also works to bring local foods into Haida Gwaii schools.

Leisure time for Kiku and Gerry is often spent outdoors. Whether gathering food or simply going for a walk, they like to explore the forests and ocean of Haida Gwaii. The couple is also involved in wildlife research and observation. They spend much of their time doing inventory and research on goshawks, blue grouse and northern saw-whet owls which takes them to many remote places on Haida Gwaii.

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