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Kayak Haida Gwaii is a kayaking and land-based eco-tours adventure business supporting Haida Gwaii.

Participants from beginner to intermediate are invited to join with sea-kayaking and river tours available for all levels.Get back to basics and experience the deep history of the homeland of the Haida People.

Paddle among grand endemic trees and ancient totem poles as you emerge yourself in the culture and beauty of the hypnotizing Haida Gwaii.

Kayak and land tours run year round, although are far more numerous in the summer. Book a trip for yourself, your group, or jump onto a tour with others seeing Haida Gwaii for the first time.

Photography Credits – Talon Gillis

Meet Alan Lore

Meet Alan Lore

Alan has always had the instinct of an entrepreneur and as early on as elementary school, he realized he could facilitate the push and pull of a product. “I’ve always tried to run little businesses ever since Pogs were a valued resource,” he says.

In 2012, he took his ventures into the kayaking scene and opened up Kayak Haida Gwaii. Alan likes the freedom of being an entrepreneur; he enjoys his schedule and jokes that his new supervisor can be great in moderation. “I finally found a boss that I could tolerate in small doses,” he laughs.

Alan has family ties to Haida Gwaii but the passion for the island lifestyle runs through his veins. The enchantment of the Yakoun River and the ease of escaping into nature is what keeps him enthralled about his community. Alan says he’s especially grateful for all the hours his business allows him to spend paddling under the sun.

The adventurer is committed to developing the next generation and has created the 'Keep'n it Realz’ Bursary. This annual event is a fundraising dinner which donates $500 to a local graduate. In his free time, Alan is an avid soccer player and volunteer. He donates his time to the BC ambulance and “anywhere else my mom tells me to,” he jokes.

Alan enjoys many local businesses but says that his favorites are the Yakoun River Inn, the Bayview Market, Budgie's Backpackers and St. Mark's Gift & Gallery.

Tourism looks to be on the rise the last few years and Alan says he’s definitely noticed an increase within the community. “We have gas all of the time now and the B & B’s seem busy.”

As for Alan’s outlook for local business? “We can only go up; our community won't let us fail,” he says.

91 Bayview Dr
Port Clements, BC V0T 1R0


Please contact Alan Lore for more information or to schedule your adventure.