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Jessica’s Services offers high-quality cleaning, sanitation and organizing services for both the residential and the commercial/industrial market as well as complete car detailing, gardening, yard work and landscaping services. Jessica’s Services has developed a strong reputation for excellent, thorough and meticulous work. Jobs are customized to suit the needs of the individual client or business.

Meet Jessica Pottinger

Meet Jessica Pottinger

Jessica Pottinger has worked in both the service and the health care industry. She has combined both of those skills and experiences in her business, though she laughs and says that she didn't necessarily set out to start a cleaning and organizing business: "The work found me!" She loves creating harmony out of chaos, though being a Mom to her four kids is her favorite and most important job and that's where she spends her time and energy when she isn't working. In addition to working her own business, she also works at Bayview Market.

Jessica has always been a highly organized person, even as a young child. Those skills came in handy when she worked in a health care facility. It is work that requires meticulous attention to detail. Jessica puts highly-focused attention toward the work that she does for her clients, whether it is cleaning an office, detailing a car or landscaping a yard. Jessica truly loves her work and believes that any job worth doing is worth doing well.

Jessica recently bought her first home in Port Clements and lives just a short distance from her Dad. She has a first-rate ocean view and feels incredibly grateful for it every single day. "It's wonderful here," she declares. To Jessica, it is quiet, peaceful, filled with natural resources and an amazing place to raise a family.

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