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Check out Haida Gwaii Trader on their website or on their Facebook page. The HGT magazine is sold at retail locations all over Haida Gwaii (and one in Prince Rupert). Become a subscriber and save 20% off retail prices!

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Meet Shellene Van der Beke

Meet Shellene Van der Beke

Haida Gwaii is a place where you’ll find countless instances of people going out of their way to help other folks out. Shellene Van der Beke and the Haida Gwaii Trader (HGT) team are very much “those kind of people”. Shellene started HGT, a community website and bi-monthly magazine, in February 2010, in part, to make it easier for locals to connect with one another. Along with helping residents and tourists find items to buy, sell or trade, HGT offers local and off-island businesses highly affordable and effective advertising options that speak directly to the people of Haida Gwaii. “Our business model is based on top shelf community service,” Shellene says and that is one of the reasons HGT has become a trusted source for so many things specific to Haida Gwaii.

Over the years, HGT has also grown to become a voice of Haida Gwaii’s island communities; profiling interesting people, places and projects that contribute to the rich, rural and often eclectic mosaic of Haida Gwaiin life. Stories of local culture and traditions, health and wellness, industry and small business, as well as controversial “hot topics” of the day.

Shellene and the HGT team feel privileged to serve Haida Gwaii in such a tangible and supportive way. “It makes my day when folks stop and share their feedback or story ideas with me,” Shellene notes, “and many are so kind as to share their appreciations of how HGT helped them to tell their story, sell their vehicle, find real estate, fill a job position or find their lost dog, etc.

“Living on Haida Gwaii, you don’t travel very far without people waving hello. The air is clean and there is ample space to breathe. I feel blessed to live here.”

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