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Bihada means ‘beautiful skin’ in Japanese.

Imagine a life without the hassle of shaving, waxing or tweezing. At Bihada Laser Studio, you can say goodbye to your razor with the help of laser treatments. Bihada Laser Studio utilizes the Lightsheer Diode Laser; the world’s most advanced treatment technique for effective removal of unwanted hair. Specializing in all types of hair with both male and female clients, the professional technicians have excellent knowledge of the industry.

Laser technology works by emitting light into the hair follicle, pulsating within the pigmentation of the hair shaft. The intense heat is absorbed within, altering the surface permanently and preventing new hair growth. Contact cooling is administered simultaneously, ensuring a comfortable hair removal experience with minimal discomfort.

Jan is also happy to offer eyebrow waxing and eyelash extensions for her valued clients and has a very nice variety of styles and lengths to choose from.

Experience the freedom and confidence boost that unwanted hair removal provides. Relax in a safe and professional environment while Bihada Laser Studio works their magic. Be sure to watch for a variety of new laser processes for skin restoration as Jan’s business becomes established.

Contact Jan at Bihada Laser Studio for your free consultation and quote. Treatments are affordable, there are even discounts for multiple areas done during same visits and advance payment deals.

Meet Jan Driver

Meet Jan Driver

Jan relocated to Port Clements in 2017 to join her partner after being in a long distance relationship. It wasn't long after that Jan's entrepreneurial spirit pushed her towards opening her own business. Recently, she completed her certification as a laser hair removal technician and was driven to fill the need for her services on Haida Gwaii.

In the spring of her first year in Port Clements, Jan created Bihada Laser Studio, solidifying her roots in her new home. “It’s wonderful to live in a small community where everyone knows your name,” says Jan.

Haida Gwaii brings back fond memories of her childhood, driving down quaint, gravel roads, waving at every passer-by. It’s the kind of living that soothes the soul. Haida Gwaii is what dreams are made of.

36 Yakoun St
Port Clements, BC V0T 1R0


Contact Jan at Bihada Laser Studio to schedule your free consultation. Treatment appointments are flexible, including evenings and weekends.