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Katherine is proud that so many people on and off Haida Gwaii are wearing her work. She works out of her home making Raven’s tail weaving head pieces, pouches, handbags, wristlets, vests, leggings and regalia. Katherine believes when people wear one of her weavings, they feel excited, inspired and beautiful.

“I wanted to learn to weave for a long time,” explained Katherine, “and I finally found someone who was willing to teach me to make my daughter’s and my dance regalia.”

People began to ask Katherine to help make their regalia and her business grew from that point on. She is now making unique, one of a kind Haida dance regalia as well as other specialty pieces out of her home.

Raven’s Tail Weaving by Kat Edgars takes custom orders for various colours and designs. Katherine is experienced in custom sizing as well and has excelled at everything from baby headpieces to larger adult custom orders too.

Meet Katherine Edgars

Meet Katherine Edgars

Katherine loves Old Massett where she was born and raised. "It feels safe," she said, "my family and friends are close by." Her community is beautifully situated by the beach and on the edge of nature, two things Kat really appreciates. She enjoys spending time with her family, visiting the beaches, taking part in local celebrations and she loves food gathering too.

In 2007 Katherine started her own business, Raven's Tail Weaving by Kat Edgars. She appreciates living and working in Old Massett because she knows everybody in town and people talk positively about her work. Word of mouth recommendations are good for her business.

Katherine has donated her weaving to local causes and knows the importance of community members helping each other out. Locally, Lisa White's Gin Kuyaas - Haida Art Studio and Gifts in Old Massett is one of her favourite businesses.

318 Eagle St
Old Massett, BC V0T 1M0


Please contact Katherine for an appointment.