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The Ground Gallery & Coffee House is known throughout Haida Gwaii, not just for its rich coffee and espresso but as a place that brings people together. Savour an expertly crafted coffee beverage while you meet with friends or listen to live entertainment while surrounded by local artwork. The Ground Gallery & Coffee House serves light lunches and baked goods that are made fresh every morning. The Ground Gallery & Coffee House is more than a coffee shop… it’s a grassroots movement of culture and community that’s destined to become a local icon.

Meet Carey Newell & Daniel Peebles

Meet Carey Newell & Daniel Peebles

Carey Newell and Daniel Peebles were tired of the itinerant lifestyle that is part of working in the silviculture industry. Wanting to be at home on the island more than off of it, and not wanting to leave life on Haida Gwaii behind, they knew they would have to be creative in finding a way to support themselves.

Carey and Daniel explored the idea of starting a coffee shop, something that they believed was needed in the community. They purchased a 1940's era character home in the downtown area and renovated it, turning it into what has since become a centre for culture and a place for people to to meet and hang out. The shop turned out to be a perfect fit for the community that Carey describes as being full of friendly people who love to socialize.

Carey and Daniel prefer the small town lifestyle over big city living. Here, they believe, the idea of being self-sustaining is much more achievable than it might be in other areas. Running their own business has provided them with the means to keep living in the place that they love and not have to travel for work. When they aren't busy working, Carey and Daniel can usually be found outdoors, working their land, taking a hike on the beach or one of the forest trails in the area.

1599 Main St
Masset, BC V0T 1M0


Monday to Saturday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm