Silver + Salmon


Silver + Salmon is a small handmade jewelry business tucked among the misty isles of Haida Gwaii that makes sustainable jewelry from ocean tumbled beach glass, sea pottery, and sterling silver. Due to the nature of these materials, each piece is uniquely tumbled by crashing waves and rolling tides. Silver + Salmon’s ethos is that sustainable jewelry is better for the planet than fast fashion! Their goal is to offer enticing alternatives to fast fashion by making timeless pieces that you can mix and match and that last you your lifetime. The best part is: Silver and Salmon is a plastic free shop!

Meet Amanda Salmon

Meet Amanda Salmon

Owner and designer Amanda Salmon started her small business as a way to engage with the world away from screens. She enjoys the slow and focused work of silversmithing, working with her hands, and finding purpose in the tasks that allows her to slow down and live in each moment.

When she isn’t making, Amanda, her partner Kyle, and their adorable yellow lab George are out enjoying beach walks with careful eyes, looking for pieces to recycle and be made purposeful again!


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