Open Door Adventures


Island living is filled with wilderness, beauty, adventure, and now there is a reliable, convenient land charter service to experience it all! 

Open Door Adventures offers the community transportation on their 17 passenger bus, with the ability to book transit to most of the remote communities and major centres too. 

After listening closely to people on the island, Open Door Adventures learned that it is often difficult for groups to find reliable transportation in Northern Haida Gwaii, to events like conferences, retreats, and educational trips. Once the opportunity presented itself, they purchased their bus, and are now happily providing their charter service, and a sense of unity to the region! 

Booking with Open Door Adventures, whether you’re local, or visiting from off island, guarantees you easy transportation to any event or location! 

Meet Toby Sanmiya

Meet Toby Sanmiya

After seeing a need in his community, owner Toby, lept at the opportunity to help connect regions and purchased the 17 passenger bus! Toby knows that providing this service allows people easy transportation to events they may not normally be able to reach, links communities and provides a sense of togetherness that the northern end of the island needs! Happy to be part of the small business community, Toby loves the diversity of small business, their resilience, and how they become part of the culture of the area.

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