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Masset Bikes is all about everything bike and they want to help you get out and ride Haida Gwaii. Not only do they carry bikes from the best industry leader brands, but they carry a wide array of products to help you get your kiddos out too!

Masset Bikes provides professional maintenance, sales and repair services for bikes of all shapes and sizes at competitive rates.

Just visiting Haida Gwaii? No problem! They have a great selection of rentals to choose from too. New bikes, old bikes, chariots and kid’s bikes…they have it all!

Whether you are needing a new ride or directions to the best trails on Haida Gwaii, the knowledgeable staff at Masset Bikes can help you find what you’re looking for!

Meet Terry Wallace

Meet Terry Wallace

Terry Wallace is relatively new to the Village of Masset but he has decided that he will be here for many years to come. The spectacular views and endless year-round outdoor opportunities have made it an easy choice.

"My favorite part of living here," explains Terry "are the friendly and social people that always have the time to chat. Haida Gwaii can seem remote and harsh from the outside but once you get to know the people and the doors open, it’s nothing but warm and cozy on the inside."

Terry first became an entrepreneur many years ago and he admits that the thought of running his own business has always been interesting to him. He’s intrigued by all aspects of business, from the study of it all to the actual hands on work of 'running your own ship'.

Building a new shop from scratch can definitely come with its share of challenges but Terry knows that’s there are certain learning experiences that are only taught through creating something from the ground up. He considers himself lucky to be doing what he does and knows how rewarding it can be to be fully in love with the profession you have chosen for a living. “I'm proud that I will be able to run my business alongside my two daughters who are my first priority. Hopefully, they will pick up a thing or two along the way.”

For Terry, living in a small town is not overwhelming like the big city centers seem. Progress and the ability to grow seem attainable in the Village of Masset and it feels like you are able to find your niche more easily. When he's not at work, you'll find Terry hanging out with his family, surfing, camping and simply relaxing in general.

Terry sees a great business outlook for the Village of Masset and says there is tons of potential in this community. “All the businesses here are my favorite,” he explains. “And all the businesses are needed."

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