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Artist Lisa Schultz draws much of her inspiration for her oil paintings and drawings in ink and pencil from the pristine and wild natural surroundings of Haida Gwaii. From her home on North Beach, Lisa taps into the inspiration provided by the rolling waves of the ocean and the gentle breeze through the forest to create her artwork. Her thought-provoking depictions of people and animals speak to both the literal and the symbolic. Lisa Schultz attended the Art Institute of Seattle and was the recipient of several awards for her various works. Lisa brings more than two decades of experience and practice to her professional work.

Meet Lisa Schultz

Meet Lisa Schultz

For artist Lisa Schultz, Haida Gwaii is one of the most idyllic places on earth. So close to the elements at her North Beach home, Lisa finds regular inspiration for her work within the brilliance and diversity of Haida Gwaii's nature, and it often plays a central theme in her individual pieces. "The connection to earth and nature comes through me so clearly," she says, noting that Haida Gwaii is a very spiritual place. Plus, the solace of the islands and their remoteness means less distraction and more time and ability to really enjoy and appreciate all that Haida Gwaii has to offer.

Lisa also owns "North Beach Cabins": Much of her time is spent alternating between caring for guests and the property and spending time drawing and painting. Long walks on the beach are also an important part of Lisa's days.

Lisa appreciates the close-knit feeling that people have with their fellow Masset residents. Everyone is connected in some way, and it provides a sense of safety and security. However, Lisa also appreciates the fact that it is easy to get away and be alone when you have a need for solitude. "I love where I live!" Lisa proclaims.

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