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Ladybird’s Boutique makes old new again and inspires a love for vintage, the unique and the eclectic. Ladybird’s Boutique carries a variety of both pre-owned and new clothing, jewellery and accessories so you can look stylish for less and feel good about giving new life to a previously-loved garment or accessory. Ladybird’s Boutique is currently working on its own clothing line with the design help of local artists as well as other collaborative creative endeavors. Enjoy Ladybird’s Boutique’s relaxed, casual atmosphere while you browse. You can even get fashion advice and help creating your look or outfit. Ladybird’s Boutique also accepts clothing and accessories on consignment. Alterations available.

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Meet Ladybird Raven Ann

Meet Ladybird Raven Ann

Ladybird Raven Ann had a passion for both environmental responsibility and for fashion, though she didn't necessarily set out to open a thrift shop. Instead, it was more of a "pastime that turned into something more." She is proud to offer such a variety of unique items and of the fact that she is helping to give new life to things that other people don't need anymore.

There are many advantages to doing business in a small town like Masset, according to Ladybird. You can't help but know people, and that helps Ladybird stock items that she knows her customers really want and need. Plus, she adds, the camaraderie between residents creates a family feel about the community that makes people feel safe and secure. People here care for one another and look out for each other and it makes for a better quality of life.

Ladybird is grateful for the opportunity she has to build a business that provides important services to Masset. Her customers have been very supportive so far, both when it comes to buying from her and bringing in their old items for re-selling. When she isn't busy upcycling and dispensing fashion advice at work, Ladybird likes to spend time riding her bike, roller skating, food gathering, cooking and teaching and sharing about intergenerational trauma.

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