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Inspired by the natural beauty of their surroundings, Kyla and Natalie have created a line of handcrafted soap and skincare products that reflect the diversity of sights, smells and experiences of Haida Gwaii and the North Coast. Rooted in tradition, they use old wisdom in a way that fits the modern world.

For those just passing through, their products offer a nurturing retreat for the world-weary soul, invoking the rambling beaches and misty forests of Haida Gwaii. And for those who live here, they offer locally made products using simple ingredients, many of which are grown and wildcrafted right at home.

For their packaging, Kyla and Natalie are proud to support and draw on the excellent skills of the Maker of Nets, artist Kara Sievewright of Co+Host Collective, and graphic designer Dominic Legault of Octopus Designs. They are also proud to incorporate two north coast ingredients into several of their soaps: Blacksmith Brown Ale from Wheelhouse Brewing Company in Prince Rupert and Masset’s own Elephant Cage coffee.

They can be found in person on Fridays, from 11 am – 2 pm, between May and September at the Masset Market, and at seasonal community craft fairs and events like the Edge of the World Music Festival.

Their products can be found any time at Gin Kuyaas, Green Gaia, The Ground, St. Mark’s Gift & Gallery, The Bayview Market, Crow’s Nest, Sitka Studio, Haida House at Tllaal, Haida Gwaii Museum Gift Shop, Isabel Creek Store, Daajing Giids Visitor Centre and The Sandspit Visitor Centre.

Folks staying at Toad Farm Guesthouse in Tlell are treated to a complimentary Islandwise guest soap. Those who happen to travel to Bowen Island, will find a wide selection of Islandwise products at The Ruddy Potato Whole Foods Market

Meet Kyla Mitchell & Natalie Affolter

Meet Kyla Mitchell & Natalie Affolter

Kyla and Natalie still laugh over the coincidence that saw them move to Masset, Haida Gwaii at the same time, even crossing on the same ferry. It was only a matter of time before a strong friendship formed. Both were mothers of young children, seeking to re-create the wholesome and creative rural environment they enjoyed as kids. While growing up at opposite ends of the country, both had spent their childhoods exploring the fields and forests surrounding their homes and cherished memorable hours helping their mothers and grandmothers in the family garden.

Their natural “make it from scratch” instincts and passion for living a simple, healthy lifestyle led them to share their knowledge and experiences with friends. They began hosting regular gatherings to make natural body care products using simple ingredients and thoughtfully prepared recipes.

As their children transitioned from crawling to running under foot, so grew the inspiration to build a home-based business that would offer handcrafted skincare products that were safe and effective. Islandwise Essentials was born.

Masset, BC


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