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Knitters and lovers of all things knitted get their fix in Masset at I B Purlin’. The shop carries a wide selection of high-quality natural yarns that will inspire your next knitting project. Those who don’t knit but want to learn can take a knitting class with owner Blanche Bell. An accomplished and experienced knitter, Blanche teaches classes for all skill levels from those who have never knitted before to pros who want to specialize their skills. Guests at I B Purlin’ will also find a delightful selection of hand-knitted garments like sweaters, mittens, scarves, hats and other items perfect for life on Haida Gwaii, or for visitors to take home as souvenirs of their visit.

Meet Blanche Bell

Meet Blanche Bell

Blanche Bell turned a proclivity for knitting into a business when she launched I B Purlin'. She's working on getting a storefront, but in the meantime, Blanche's customers come to her home to purchase her hand-knitted, cozy sweaters, hats, mittens, scarves and more.

In Masset, "everyone knows everyone," says Blanche, and so far her business has thrived successfully on word-of-mouth advertising from her customers who love the things that she knits. Blanche notes that the sense of community is strong in Masset, and the people who live here go out of their way to support their fellow islanders, many of whom also own their own businesses. Blanche herself supports her fellow business owners, especially her favourites like Moon Over Naikun Bakery, "The Ground":https://lovehaidagwaii.com/businesses/the-ground-gallery-coffee-house and Green Gaia.

Blanche has fond memories of her years on Haida Gwaii, her home. She recalls something her grandfather often said: "Laagung waadluuanhl gyaandii," which means "whatever you do, do your best." Blanche applies this to her daily life, whether it's in business, leisure or daily living. When she's not knitting, she likes to walk the many forest trails in the area which, she marvels, are always different depending on what the season is. She also enjoys foraging for berries and other things wild and delicious. Most of all, though, Blanche loves to spend time with her family whenever she can.

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