Haida Tide

Accommodations and Tours-Rentals

Say ‘hello’ to adventure when you book an eco-tour adventure with Haida Tide. Haida Tide is a cultural, eco-tourism, e-bike rental experience that is new to the island. This small business puts the focus on the area’s vast and beautiful landscapes, through carefully plotted tours that will highlight the best this beautiful area has to offer. 

Offering authentic experiences, you can choose from an E-Bike Beach Tour, or Rosespit Tour, or rent a bike and follow your heart through your own adventure.

In addition to their E-Bike rentals, Haida Tide offers a place to mix and mingle for tea or coffee. You can also pop in and choose a guided tour, or learn more about the island from locals cultural knowledge.

Haida Tide promotes the preservation of the area’s vast and beautiful landscapes and conservation of the abundant resources that have sustained Haida’s since time immemorial. Haida Tide educates visitors to be conscious of their impact on the environment and the importance of living an eco-friendly lifestyle, inspiring them to adopt positive changes into their lives. Visitors will leave with a greater appreciation for our Haida culture and Indigenous cultures as a whole.

Meet David Vanderhoop

Meet David Vanderhoop

Owner David Vanderhoop is Haida of the Gawa Git'ans Eagle clan. His family came from the Old Massett area. David grew up hearing the stories of the unique place of Tow Hill and North Beach and as an adult saw them grow into tourism destinations, for people that might be missing the big picture of traditional use and historical significance! Opening Haida Tide allows David to give tourists a unique educational perspective about the Tow Hill and North Beach area and helps the area ecologically, by providing fun, environmentally safe transportation to the beaches, without degrading the area through high traffic.


May 1st opening
9 am - 6 pm