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GWAII NAAY ISLAND HOUSE is located in the heart of Masset, offering clean and comfortable private rooms complemented with a cozy shared lounge area, wifi, large showers and a fully-equipped kitchenette. The building is also home to Good People Clothing and Arts Studio Gallery Gift Shop and is a hub for Haida guided tours. From this convenient home base, one can venture out the door and walk along Masset Inlet, around the Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary or beyond to the magnificent North Beaches and world-famous Tow Hill.

Meet Elsie Gale ~Ilski'de

Meet Elsie Gale ~Ilski'de

Haida textile weaver and regalia maker, Elsie Gale, considers herself a traditionalist with an intimate knowledge and love for Haida Gwaii - the Haida culture, traditions, history and arts.She has an adventurous spirit and loves the wilderness, the ocean and the rich lifestyle they provide. Elsie has worked in Gwaii Haanas as a Haida Gwaii Watchmen and continues to venture there in the spring and fall as a cultural specialist for Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic on their M/V Sea Lion or Sea Bird. In prior years while raising her family as a resident of Old Massett, Elsie was an entrepreneur, starting and managing service-oriented businesses. She has combined her business and cultural experience in her new venture GWAII NAAY ISLAND HOUSE, a seven-room guesthouse.

Being self-employed allows Elsie to do what she loves; weaving, creating arts and crafts while sharing her culture. GWAII NAAY ISLAND HOUSE mission is to provide an authentic Haida and hospitality experience while sharing and preserving Haida culture and Haida Gwaii in a respectful way. In her spare time, Elsie loves being with family and friends, gathering and processing Haida food, or just being out enjoying the beauty of Haida Gwaii.

1545 Main St
Masset, BC V0T 1M0


Open 7 days a week
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