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If you’re looking to get motivated, to get healthy and to become stronger, you’ve come to the right place! Gwaii Fitness is here to help you achieve all of your fitness goals. Ashley Muller-Lomax at Gwaii Fitness provides fitness boot camps and personal training for everyone, regardless of your fitness level.

Ashley strives to provide an atmosphere that is energetic, free from judgement and welcoming to everyone, so you can focus on achieving your fitness and health goals in a positive environment.

Small group training and basic nutrition are also available.

Your first class is free so connect with fitness expert, Ashley Muller-Lomax of
Gwaii Fitness and begin your journey towards health and fitness, today!

Meet Ashley Muller-Lomax

Meet Ashley Muller-Lomax

Growing up in Charlotte City, Ashley always knew she wanted to raise her children in Haida Gwaii. Health and fitness are her passion and they have provided her with such a positive impact that she wanted to share it with the community that she loves. Her goal was to provide a service based on her values and the needs of her clients rather than a number of sales she could make. “I love that I am able to provide a personalised positive impact on the health, fitness and wellness of the individuals in our communities,” says Ashley.

This fitness expert is grateful that her careers allows her to develop personal connections with the people of her community and says that her favourite part of the islands is the openness and acceptance of every individual that resides here. She describes her fellow locals as welcoming and relaxed.

Ashley is proud of the positive responses she has received about her boot camp classes. She loves being able to provide a fun atmosphere for individuals of all fitness levels and says her classes provide a space for individuals of the community to come together to support and encourage one another.

When she’s not teaching or training, Ashley is out and about on Haida Gwaii with her family.
Either hiking Tow Hill, surfing, walking the beach or exploring places like; White Creek, the key-hole, Spirit Lake trail or the trail in the bird sanctuary. She also likes to spend her time at other local businesses; The yoga pit, ebony's massage in Masset and Revive Therapeutic Centre in Charlotte are a few of her favourites.

Although she has only been living on Haida Gwaii for 7 months, she admits to having noticed an overwhelming amount of support for local businesses. “I think there are endless possibilities for small business on Haida Gwaii,” she notes. “The more we support and encourage each other, the more we will all benefit.”

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Monday to Friday:
6:00 am - 9:00 pm