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The Delkatla Sanctuary Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary. Located in Masset, the Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary is a migratory bird sanctuary and home to 140 species of birds at various times throughout the year. The mandate of the Delkatla Sanctuary Society is to protect these birds by preserving their natural habitat here on Haida Gwaii, ensuring that each species will thrive and continue to return to Haida Gwaii each new season. The Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary attracts hundreds of visitors from all over Canada and around the world, including photographers, painters and avid bird watchers. Guests can walk the Sanctuary’s tranquil nature trails and enjoy the views from one of its many viewing platforms and shoreline access points.

The Delkatla Sanctuary Society and the Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary are members of the BC Federation of Nature and Bird Studies Canada.

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Meet Board Members Margo Hearne & Peter Hamel

Meet Board Members Margo Hearne & Peter Hamel

Margo Hearne & Peter Hamel are nature lovers and bird watchers who traded city life for the peace and tranquility of Haida Gwaii. Peter is an Anglican minister by profession, but he and Margo's passion for nature and the migratory birds of Haida Gwaii led them to take on the role of caretakers for the Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary. They now spend their days working to preserve and protect the natural environment of Haida Gwaii through education and public awareness.

Margo and Peter's reputation on Haida Gwaii is widespread. "People know who to call when they have injured birds or need help identifying birds they see," says Margo. Living in a small town on a sparsely-populated island chain means that "we get to know people in a more in-depth way," according to Margo. Plus, life here is more informal with little traffic to contend with, easy access to stores and essentials, fresh air and the kind of safety that you don't have in a big city.

The land on which the Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary rests has a rich and colourful history which Margo and Peter love to share with guests who come to visit. Visitors range from the curious to the committed bird-lover to artists who come to paint or photograph the pristine natural scenery and birds that inhabit the area at various times during the year. "I believe in protecting and preserving the natural world and am prepared to work towards keeping wild things wild," Margo states. "I also to try and educate people to look at the world in a different way. It hasn't been created just for humanity, but every living being has rights and needs to be protected."

The other hard-working board members are Janetta Pirt, artist; Martin Williams, artist in argillite; and John Burrill, wildlife photographer.

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