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Haida artist Dave Hunter tells stories and legends of his Haida ancestry through his original paintings, silver and argillite carvings. Dave is largely self-taught, learning the art of carving first with wood and then moving on to other mediums. Today is he is most renowned for his silver jewellery, which often depicts animals and mythical creatures. Dave is also responsible for the creation of numerous original paintings which have been made into art cards, post cards and limited edition prints. Dave is active within the Haida community as well as the artists’ community on Haida Gwaii. He was the founder of the Haida Raven Gallery in Masset, a gallery dedicated to promoting the works of Haida artists. Dave’s work has been exhibited and sold in various galleries and venues throughout Haida Gwaii and beyond for more than three decades. Dave is available for custom and commission work.

Meet Dave Hunter

Meet Dave Hunter

Dave "Gid Kweeyas" Hunter was born in Prince Rupert and raised in Masset where he has lived most of his life. Dave taught himself to carve wood during his early years. Later, a cousin helped him hone his carving skills and taught him how to carve other materials, including silver and argillite. Dave developed a passion for art and later, a strong desire to promote and showcase the work of his fellow Haida artisans. He opened the Haida Raven Gallery in 1997 which served as his studio for many years. These days, Dave works out of a new mobile studio, one he built himself in 2014. His studio is unique, a one-of-a-kind in Masset that he can take to any location.

Having grown up on Haida Gwaii, Dave knows just about everyone. In fact, this familiarity is one of the things he most appreciates about life here. "People are friendly and everyone knows everyone," he says. The relaxing pace of life is another aspect of Haida Gwaii living that agrees with Dave.

Dave feels privileged to be able to work for himself doing something that has been an important part of his life since he was young. Creating and selling his artwork gives him a sense of accomplishment, and he enjoys spreading the Haida culture through the art form. Dave is active not only in the art community but in the community at large as well, participating in many local events throughout the year.

1642 Delkatla St
Masset, BC V0T 1M0


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