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Copper Beech Guest House is steeped in history with a long list of colourful personalities like Bruce Cockburn and Pierre and Margaret Trudeau as former guests. It’s a favourite among writers and artists who appreciate its quiet, tranquil and inspiring surroundings. Guests of the 1920’s era character home bed and breakfast can choose from several rooms of varying sizes, each with its own unique decor and ambiance. Guests are treated to a fabulous “Off-the-Continental” breakfast that includes locally harvested wild berries and preserves, home-made granola and yogurt and fresh-baked 30-Hour Natural Leaven Bread. Guests can have as much company or privacy as they like and are just a front door away from Haida Gwaii’s breathtaking natural surroundings.

Meet Susan Musgrave

Meet Susan Musgrave

Canadian author and poet Susan Musgrave (pictured here with her daughter Charlotte) is rarely at a loss for words except when asked what it is about Haida Gwaii that so captivates her. "Life here is just... undefinable. Haida Gwaii is shrouded in mystery. That's probably what I love about it. It can't be pinned down." Susan has come and gone from the islands since the 1970s, but Haida Gwaii's mysterious forces always drew her back, and she has spent most of her time here since purchasing the historic Copper Beech Guest House in 2010.

Susan speaks with excitement about the history surrounding Copper Beech Guest House, a doctor’s private residence that was transformed into a cozy bed and breakfast by former owner and proprietor David Phillips. It began attracting noteworthy guests from around the world, and Susan is pleased to have taken over this piece of Haida Gwaii antiquity and lore. She still entertains guests from all parts of the globe, including many fellow writers, artists and musicians who come, in part, to unwind, eat well, read, and walk the many nearby beaches.

Susan is deeply entrenched in the rural island lifestyle. Foraging and harvesting is a big part of her daily life. Many of the foods that are served at the B & B are hand-picked and gathered, and Susan bakes her own signature bread for guests. "We may be small, but we have everything," she says of Haida Gwaii.

1590 Delkatla St
Masset, BC V0T 1M0


Open year-round. Please contact for information and reservations.