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Indulge in a quiet island getaway in your own private cottage. Whether you come to fish or simply to take in the breathtaking scenery in and around Masset, Alder Lodge is the ideal place to call home while visiting on Haida Gwaii. Alder Lodge offers guests their own deluxe residence with three bedrooms and four beds, a spacious kitchen and dining area with complete appliances, a comfortable living room, laundry facilities, satellite, TV, WiFi and phone. Alder Lodge is conveniently located in the heart of Masset and within walking distance of local shops and restaurants.

Meet Bret Johnston

Meet Bret Johnston

When long-time resident Bret Johnson lost his job several years ago, he didn't want to leave the island that he loved in order to find work. He knew he only had one other choice: to start his own business. So that's exactly what he did, taking his passion for fishing and turning it into a business guiding other fisherman to the best local fishing spots. He knew that visiting fisherman would also need a place to stay, and wanted to offer his guests a full fishing and adventure package complete with accommodations, so he also opened Alder Lodge. The lodge houses guests from all over BC, the USA and other parts of the world.

Doing business on the island has many challenges, but those challenges are eased considerably by a local business community that is genuinely supportive and committed to not just their own interests but to creating a healthier economic environment for everyone. The individual residents are equally as caring, says Bret, who wouldn't trade his small island town for city living.

Another thing that Bret appreciates about Masset living, and island living in general, is its remoteness. Though this sometimes adds extra challenges to running a small business, Bret also believes that the fact that it is removed from the noise, clutter and crowding that's characteristic of cities is what makes Haida Gwaii a place worth living, visiting and doing business. And of course, the scenery can't be beaten.

Between running Alder Lodge, taking guests out on the waters around Haida Gwaii and participating in and volunteering with the Masset Haida Lions Club, Bret doesn't have much time to spare. But when he does have some down time, particularly during the winter season, he can often be found building and running his model railroad.

1828 Alder Cres
Masset, BC V0T 1M0


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