Melanie Lambie, RMT

Health & Wellness-Personal Care

Melanie Lambie is a Registered Massage Therapist committed to helping clients overcome pain and injury and maintain ongoing health and wellbeing. Melanie Lambie is qualified to assess and treat pain related to acute or chronic illness or injury. Massage therapy can be an effective, holistic and drug-free means of alleviating pain as well as treating the underlying cause of pain. It is also effective at relieving tension and stress and maintaining ongoing wellbeing. Melanie Lambie, RMT accepts ICBC and WCB claims and referrals.

Meet Melanie Lambie

Meet Melanie Lambie

Melanie Lambie is a long time resident of Mackenzie. She had worked at the local mill for many years. When it shut down, Melanie wondered what her next step should be. She decided to make the most of a tough situation and use it as an opportunity to grow. She went back to school to train as a massage therapist, and when she graduated, she returned to her hometown to live and work.

At the time when she was first starting out there were no other registered massage therapists and no physiotherapy clinics in Mackenzie. While the idea of starting her own practice was daunting, she took a leap of faith and went out on her own. While she admits that there have been challenges, she quickly grew to appreciate owning her own business and being her own boss. As a mom, it has provided her with the ability to work around her son's activities and schedule.

Melanie leads a very active lifestyle and many of her free time activities revolve around athletic pursuits. She loves to work out at the gym or go for a run. In the winter time she snow shoes and skis both downhill and cross country. Melanie is grateful for Mackenzie's natural setting with its diverse terrain that affords her many opportunities to do the things that she enjoys outdoors.

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