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Mackenzie Drycleaners has been trusted by local customers for decades to provide reliable dry cleaning and efficient service to both individual and commercial customers. It offers a full range of dry cleaning services, including cleaning of industrial coveralls, work jackets and work pants as well as all types of apparel. It can even deal with hard-to-clean items like sleeping bags and duvets. Laundry service is also available.

Mackenzie Drycleaners carries a selection of retail work clothes, coveralls and work socks as well as products to keep your garments looking pristine. Mackenzie Drycleaners is committed to customer satisfaction and thorough cleaning of your garments and other items.

Meet Chris & Janette Klinger

Meet Chris & Janette Klinger

It is much easier to get to know one's customers personally in a small town compared to a big city. After 20 years of operating Mackenzie Drycleaners, Chris and Janette Klinger are familiar with just about everyone who walks in the door. Those they don't know become familiar quickly. It allows them to provide not just a service but personalized interaction that is meaningful and makes each customer feel valued and appreciated. The Klingers get a great deal of satisfaction in serving their customers well.

Mackenzie is home to Chris and Janette. As outdoors lovers, it is the perfect place for them to live. It provides them with an endless list of possible ways to enjoy and take advantage of the great outdoors here. With every season comes new and different things to do outside and the Klingers get out as much as they are able.

The Klingers have seen various challenges come Mackenzie's way. In spite of it, Mackenzie has always remained strong and resilient. They believe that Mackenzie's small businesses offer excellent service and a diverse range of products and as long as the trend continues, Mackenzie and its businesses will flourish.

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