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Jackie Benton Photography provides unique, one of a kind photos and photography services. Jackie has extensive photography experience and training, including three decades as a newspaper photojournalist. Jackie has also taught photography courses at the College of New Calendonia here in Mackenzie. Jackie’s previous works include a spectacular 12-month calendar of local wildlife photos. She has also exhibited her work in several shows at the Mackenzie Arts Centre. Jackie specializes in landscape and wildlife photography and carries a wide selection of prints for sale. Jackie is available for all types of photography work, including wedding and event photography.

Meet Jackie Benton

Meet Jackie Benton

Jackie Benton has worked for a local newspaper for many years and is deeply involved in the community and its various events and happenings. To Jackie, Mackenzie is special not just because it is her home, it truly stands out among small towns as a remarkable gem. "There is a spirit and a uniqueness that comes from the heart," she says of its residents, community leaders and business people. Not only that, it has incredible scenery with views that can't be found anywhere else. As a wildlife and landscape photographer, its fantastic and distinctive four seasons provide an ever changing perspective to be documented in pictures and endless choices in subject matter.

With all of her photojournalism and newspaper experience, Jackie decided it was time to take the next step in her life and career and start her own photography business. Photography as a business was new to her, but the timing was right to follow her passion and she relished the new challenge. "I like the journey," says Jackie, "and there are many things to see and learn."

Work and play often cross over each other in Jackie's life. When she isn't busy working she takes pictures just for fun and personal enrichment. When she puts down her camera, she has other creative ventures that she likes to pursue, including interior design and chalk painting. Activity is also an important part of her lifestyle. Jackie enjoys yoga, snow shoeing in the winter and golfing during the rest of the year.

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