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DeOro Coffee Lounge is located centrally in downtown Lillooet and surrounded by a beautiful view of the mountains. Their coffee lounge has large picture windows and ample room with comfortable seating where guests of the Hotel DeOro and the general public are welcome to linger and relax.

Patrons enjoy the full delicious menu, the specialty coffees and the fresh pressed juice. DeOro Coffee Lounge uses only organic, fair trade coffee and espresso beans. “I am most proud of providing organic coffees and fresh, healthy juices- drinks that don’t evoke too much guilt when it comes to ethics or health,” said Jae, “it’s also nice to know that people can come here to unwind.” Owners Jae and Bonah invite people to come and visit the DeOro Coffee Lounge where people can restore themselves with the music, snuggle up in a comfortable chair and enjoy the delicious menu.

DeOro Coffee Lounge is a member of the Lillooet Chamber of Commerce.

Meet Jae & Bonah Han

Meet Jae & Bonah Han

Jae and Bonah had a vision for a comfortable café on the main floor of the Hotel DeOro and they made it happen. Thanks to their hard work, and the talent of many local tradespeople, Jae and Bonah renovated the commercial space and opened the DeOro Coffee Lounge. "Originally, I wanted to make a nice continental breakfast (no longer available and discontinued) area for the Hotel DeOro guests, but we ended up making a full-sized coffee lounge that is available to everyone in town," said Jae. He realized Lillooet would benefit from another pleasant place to visit and the Cafe DeOro now provides that social hub. Jae finds being an entrepreneur rewarding. "Meeting a wide variety of people is really quite fun," he said. Owning their own business also means Jae and Bonah have the flexibility to decide when their off-season will be.

Jae loves Lillooet and finds the people "really friendly and kind." He also appreciates Lillooet's beautiful mountains and scenic vistas. When they aren't busy with work, Jae and Bonah enjoy biking by the riverside on the trails and strolling by Seton Lake. Jae also maintains a weekly gym routine and plays drums as a hobby.

639 Main St
Lillooet, BC V0K 1V0