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At the Ageros Jewellery workbenches, Alfi makes rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, including leather cuffs. “I use mostly .925 or sterling silver,” explained Alfi, “but also gold and copper, in addition to unusual materials like exotic hardwoods, ivory, shell and bone.”

Jewellery made at Ageros Jewellery includes sterling silver rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and neck pieces often with semi-precious stones cabochon or gem-set. Ageros Jewellery can custom create pieces by request for clients who want specific stones or designs. Alfi also makes copper bowls and sculptural pieces too.

Alfi is knowledgeable about the pieces of jewellery that customers are attracted to and purchase and appreciates that she is able to connect with repeat clients. Clients can leave Ageros Jewellery confident that they have made a heart-felt purchase and are comfortable with size, shape, function and/or wearability of the object they have purchased.

Ageros Jewellery consistently creates beautiful, valuable and wearable pieces that will last for a long, long time. Alfi uses ancient techniques and natural materials found to create contemporary and unique designs.

Meet Alfi Elden

Meet Alfi Elden

Alfi recently completed a degree in Visual Art at Emily Carr University in Vancouver, focusing on the design and fabrication of jewellery. Alfi loves designing and fabricating jewellery from precious metals and semi-precious stones. She finds it fulfilling and greatly appreciates that jewellery pieces can be small and wearable yet valuable both emotionally and materially.

Alfi has lived in Lillooet since 2010 and loves it. She appreciates the diversity of the population, the affordability of work space and the close proximity to the wonderful natural environment. The rivers, creeks and waterfalls, most of which are only a few minutes drive or a pleasant half hour walk away are an amazing local treasure. "I like to look at the clouds over the river, cycle to the Old Bridge, swim at Seton Lake, set up my tent at Cayoosh Creek campground, walk in local natural places and spaces, visit with friends at my place or theirs, and eat fresh apricots and grapes from my garden," said Alfi. "The residents of Lillooet are very supportive of local artists, artisans and producers," said Alfi, "and the local markets are a social occasion."

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