U.R. Stewards

Public Utilities-Business Services-Waste Removal

U.R. Stewards is a unique company that helps keep Kitimat green by providing curbside recycling pick-up to residential, commercial and professional customers in Kitimat. Their salvaged materials are made available to locals for upcycling or reusing, hence their name Upcycle Recycle. They also are true Stewards and ensure any extra materials are transported to appropriate facilities for recycling. U.R. Stewards offers flexible recycling pick-up options, including once-monthly or twice-monthly pick-ups, weekly pick-ups or on-demand pickups. It accepts a wide variety of materials, including cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, light bulbs, ink cartridges and batteries. They service homes, schools, businesses and professional clients are also welcome. U.R. Stewards offers creative earning opportunities for local crafters and the underemployed.

Meet Tina James

Meet Tina James

Tina loves Kitimat. "I love the slower pace, I love that I have time to chat when I bump into people I know at the supermarket, I love that everyone knows each other, which makes it easier to form trusting relationships," said Tina. The small and well laid out town means that everything is so easy to access the downtown core and everything you could possibly need is available around one downtown parking lot. "There's no traffic, no commute and everything is within easy walking distance," noted Tina. The people in Kitimat make life enjoyable and the scenic location is awesome too. Tina appreciates the views, the Kitimat River, the surrounding rain forests, the world-class fishing, and the many great walking trails through the woods that are nearby. "I like that we are remote, secluded," said Tina, "like a well-kept secret hideaway."

Tina started U.R. Stewards four years ago and enjoys operating her own business. Tina loves doing business in Kitimat because all of her customers feel like they are a neighbour. "Even if my customers are all over town," explained Tina, "it doesn't take long to cover the distance of a route." She finds being an entrepreneur is a flexible, creative and family-friendly choice. "If you own the business, the harder you work, the more your family benefits," said Tina. She appreciates that as a business owner she is teaching her children about the business world while also empowering others.

69 Charles St
Kitimat, BC V8C 2J4


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