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A Touch Of Polish Nail Studio offers gel nail services in a cozy, relaxing home studio environment. Using the European-based Magnetic Gel System, clients get a pretty, colourful, artistic look. Gel polish comes in a variety of colours and lasts longer than regular nail polish – up to two weeks. Gel nails are artificial enhancements and are ideal for those who have trouble growing or maintaining their own natural nails. A Touch Of Polish Nail Studio also offers a variety of nail art to truly personalize your nails and express your own sense of creativity and individuality.

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Meet Krystle Cabral

Meet Krystle Cabral

When you live in Kitimat, says Krystle Cabral, "there is no such thing as a quick ten minute trip to the store!" That's because, no matter what time of day you go shopping, you're bound to run into someone that you know. It's all part of living in a small town, and it is one of the things that makes Kitimat special. A trip to the grocery store (or anywhere else in town) is a social event. It is easy to keep in touch with people and keep up with the lives of fellow Kitimat residents. People who live here are genuinely interested in each other's well-being, and Krystle has seen firsthand how residents support one another, especially during difficult times.

Krystle and her husband both have roots in Kitimat, and Krystle has many fond memories of her childhood. She is particularly grateful for the quality of life that her parents were able to give her, thanks to this amazing community. Now, says Krystle, it is her and her husband's turn to provide that same quality of life to their daughter, and there is no other place that they would rather raise her than here where they grew up. Besides its wonderful residents, Kitimat offers affordable living, access to important services and amenities, and more outdoor activities than can be counted. Krystle is particularly awed by the beauty of Kitimat's natural surroundings. Though it is sometimes taken for granted, "not many towns have the views we do or the ability to walk outside their doors and within minutes enjoy all the nature around us," says Krystle.

Krystle has a creative side and she gets to exercise it every time she does someone's nails. She gets a sense of joy and fulfillment out of giving someone a pretty set of nails and seeing the smiles on their faces. When Krystle is not busy working, she is usually spending time with her husband and daughter and particularly enjoys volunteering at her daughter's school.

108 Raley St
Kitimat, BC V8C 1H1


Monday to Thursday
9:00 am - 3:00 pm