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Hudson’s Hope Playschool is the only licensed childcare facility based in Hudson’s Hope for kids in the age 3-5 range. Its mission is to provide a positive, respectful, nurturing, safe, secure and inclusive environment for children. Children are encouraged to learn at their own pace through exploration, play, hands-on activities, age appropriate and themed programming. Hudson’s Hope Playschool offers programs up to five days per week as well as summer camps for children ages 3 to 12. All care and instruction are provided by qualified instructors and educators.

The Hudson’s Hope Playschool is operated as a registered non-profit society and governed by a volunteer board of directors made up of parents and other dedicated members of the community.

Meet The Hudson's Hope Playschool Board of Directors & Teaching Staff

Meet The Hudson's Hope Playschool Board of Directors & Teaching Staff

One of the most important needs of a growing, family-oriented community is competent, attentive, supportive and professional childcare. The need for such a centre locally was identified in the late 1970's. Thanks to a group of dedicated community members, the Hudson's Hope Playschool Society was formed and began offering services in 1980. It continues to be governed by enthusiastic volunteers, most of whom are parents who are committed to ensuring that high quality child care and education remain available to parents of Hudson's Hope both now and in the future. It is, after all, a wonderful place to raise a family, says board President Tyler Schwartz. It is home to vital employers, fantastic natural scenery and an abundance of activities like hiking, camping, quading, snowmobiling, hunting, fishing and exploring activities, and it's "all right out our back door steps," Tyler says.

Tyler agrees that child care services are an important part of any community and are necessary for attracting and keeping families in the area. He also knows that it takes human resources to ensure that communities have important services and that's why the Hudson's Hope Playschool board members have chosen to volunteer in this capacity. "I am proud of our ability to provide an open, transparent, not-for-profit childcare facility to help meet the needs of parents in our community," says Tyler of those volunteers.

While the demand for childcare services changes from year to year depending on population and demographics, Tyler is optimistic about the school's future. There will always be a need for early education, and history has shown that community members are dedicated to doing their part to ensure that this service remains a viable part of Hudson's Hope.

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