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Metamorph Unique Jewelry and Gems takes its name from the transformation that happens when rocks that are taken from the earth are polished and fashioned into striking and elegant gemstones to be made into fine jewellery and decorative items. Designer, Theresa Leduc, is a gemologist in training, and she uses her knowledge, skill and eye for symmetry to create unique and one-of-a-kind gemstone jewellery and decor as well as beaded items like purses and clothing. Metamorph Unique Jewelry and Gems creates new pieces as well as upcycled pieces using existing materials and also does custom orders.

Meet Theresa Leduc

Meet Theresa Leduc

Theresa Leduc was a community support worker by profession until an unexpected illness required her to consider a career change. It was during this transition that she moved to Houston and decided to tackle the challenge of learning an art that she had been attracted to for years: jewellery-making and gemstone work. Theresa was immediately hooked. "I wish I had discovered this years ago!" She says of her new-found hobby-turned-business. Working with gemstones and creating unique jewellery pieces became more than a way to pass the time while she was recovering. It soon became a way to earn a little bit of extra income doing something that she loved.

One of the things that Theresa loves about creating gemstone items is seeing the smiles that her pieces put on the faces of her customers. "It's very rewarding," she says. Being in business for herself, she adds, gives her freedom to shape the direction of her business and make decisions, including helping customers in financial need by giving them a reduced price. "Everyone should be able to wear nice things," she says, and she gets a sense of satisfaction when she is able to make her jewellery affordable for people who need it.

Theresa made a deliberate choice to move to Houston and is thrilled with her decision. Having lived in cities in the past, Theresa says that Houston is a refreshing change. She loves being able to go downtown and be surrounded by familiar faces and know that she has support nearby if she needs it. She also appreciates the fact that she can go home and enjoy her property and its privacy in solitude when she needs quiet and rest.

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Please contact Theresa for product and ordering information.