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Countrywide Printing and Stationery Ltd. is more than a print shop. Although it started out as just that over 30 years ago, the business has grown significantly over the decades. Today, in addition to high-quality, professional printing services, the 6,500 square foot retail store boasts a diverse selection of stationery and office products, a gifts section and a section of electronics items from The Source. Countrywide Printing and Stationery is also a Sears catalogue agent. In addition to all of this, the store carries books, toys, art supplies and office furniture – in fact, they carry such a wide array of products that some customers have been known to call them the “Everything Store!”

Meet Tom Euverman

Meet Tom Euverman

Tom Euverman has a unique perspective on business and life in Houston. Not only is he the long-time owner of Countrywide Printing and Stationery Ltd., he's also the former mayor of Houston. Having spent most of his life and formative years in the community, Tom's Houston roots run deep.

Tom bought Countrywide Printing and Stationery Ltd. back in 1977. To him it was a great investment then, and he would do it all over again today in spite of the many changes that have occurred over the decades within the community. "It's an ideal community to invest in. There's so much opportunity here," he states. In fact, he adds, "Houston has more opportunities in terms of business than neighbouring communities."

Tom describes Houston as a place with great character and many diverse recreational activities right on everyone's doorstep. With places like the Morice River for fishing, the vast network of hiking trails throughout the area, the upcoming bike trails currently under development, the abundant wildlife and the top-notch stores, restaurants and businesses, Tom couldn't picture his life anywhere else. "I've been to lots of other places and bigger cities, but I am always happy to come home. I love the small town." In addition to his years as the former mayor, Tom also volunteers within the community and donates regularly to local clubs, school groups and organizations.

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