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BJ’s Hot Rod Shop is the only hot rod shop west of Prince George devoted solely to the classic car. BJ’s Hot Rod Shop specializes in building, repairing and restoring hot rods and pre-1970 cars, trucks and motorcycles as well as full mechanical repairs to classic cars, trucks and motorcycles. BJ’s Hot Rod Shop also offers ICBC accredited appraisals of classic vehicles and pre-purchase assessments. BJ’s Hot Rod Shop baby’s your baby, working closely with classic car and motorcycle owners through every step of their project, whether it’s a complete custom build or a restoration. BJ’s Hot Rod Shop also supplies high-performance automotive and motorcycle parts and accessories .

Meet John Lombardi

Meet John Lombardi

John Lombardi has had a lifelong love affair with cars, particularly classics and hot rods. A heavy-duty mechanic by trade, John has worked with vehicles and engines in one capacity or another for most of his life. After working on big engines for many years, he struck out on his own and worked on smaller engines for a number of years before taking a break from cars altogether. The break didn't last long... John just couldn't stay away from his first love. Though he works full time in the mining industry, he operates his hot rod shop partly for a side income but mostly because he just enjoys the work. He gets an indescribable thrill out of taking a vehicle that is thirty or forty years old and bringing it back to life. "It's a good feeling," says John. He relishes the process of working closely with a fellow car lover who comes to him with little more than a dream or a vision and to be able to walk him through the possibilities, create a plan and eventually build or restore the vehicle of his dreams.

In addition to his affinity for old cars, John also has a deep appreciation for old equipment. He notes that many of today's modern mechanics are simply not trained to work on vintage vehicles. All they know is contemporary technology, which isn't very compatible with older cars. John embraces an old-school way of working on cars, including using vintage equipment, tried-and-true techniques and a slow and patient hand with lots of care and attention to detail.

John leads a busy life. He and his wife, Joan Lombardi, also run Knotty Pines Bed & Breakfast. Whatever spare time John has left after working and running his businesses is usually devoted to cars in one way or another. During the spring and summer he likes to joyride in his '31 Ford Model A or 1968 Beaumont, both of which he restored himself. He is also an avid motorcycle enthusiast and collector. He is a motorcycle club member and goes out riding in rallies whenever he has the chance.

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