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Aurora Pet Services is pleased to provide Houston and area with reliable pet sitting, pet vacation care, dog walking and daily check-ins for your peace of mind. Clients of Aurora Pet Services feel relaxed knowing that their pet and farm animals are cared for by a competent and caring business.

Lisamarie operates Aurora Pet Services and has been looking after clients’ pets for many years. She offers petsitting in a clients’ own home or on a farm overnight if desired. The goal of Aurora Pet Services is to allow the pet to be as stress free as possible and keep to their usual routines while their owners are away. Lisamarie can pick up dogs and take them out for a walk or a run for exercise. She also offers daily check-ins if clients’ are away and need someone to refill food and check in on a pet.

Lisamarie is familiar and capable with a variety of animals – cats, dogs, small mammals, reptiles, horses, cows, sheep, pigs and more.

Meet Lisamarie Johnston

Meet Lisamarie Johnston

As a newcomer to a small town, Lisamarie appreciates Houston's small size and big community heart. She loves the small town community connections. "Even reading the local paper I know many people who are mentioned," said Lisamarie.

The surrounding mountains are spectacular and Lisamarie loves exploring, hiking and fishing. She recommends the Silverthorne Lake area as a beautiful spot that is close to town.

Lisamarie loves animals. She fosters animals through the North West Animal Shelter and has taken dog handling and dog sport training such agility and herding, nose work, conformation classes and obedience. Lisamarie loves all animals and recently started her own pet services business. She took the time to formulate a business plan and knows Houston can keep Aurora Pet Services viable. Her favourite part of being an entrepreneur is, "...getting to meet a whole lot of awesome animals and the owners who love their pets."

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