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The friendly folks at Country Herbs have been your neighbourhood health and bulk foods store since October 1985. Their excellent selection of health and bulk foods include fruits, nuts, grains and legumes, plus a variety of gluten-free and dairy-free choices. They also offer a wide array of organic products in both bulk and packaged sizes. Be sure to check out Country Herbs’ selection of vitamins as well. Lorna cares about the needs of each of her customers and she will take the time to listen to their concerns. If she doesn’t have the answer to your question or concern, be assured she will do her research and find out for you.

Food allergies? No problem! Country Herbs has an extensive selection for you to choose from too. Products include lactose-free beverages and frozen desserts, along with a variety of wheat and gluten-free flours and products.

Don’t worry, Country Herbs didn’t forget about your furry family members! They also carry the best holistic, made-in-Canada pet food for both dogs and cats.

Country Herbs is your go-to source for Himalayan salt lamps.These magnificent salt crystals provide a host of healing properties, all while creating a warm and romantic glow which is perfect for any space.

The staff at Country Herbs invite their customers to bring their families along with them and they have a fun playground for the little ones to play in. As well, there is a lovely picnic area for the entire family to have lunch, rest and relax in.

Lorna and Don are very appreciative of each and every one of their customers and Country Herbs hold their customer appreciation days twice a year. Be sure to join them for draws, sales, and prize giveaways!

Meet Lorna & Don McLeod

Meet Lorna & Don McLeod

Country Herbs has come a long way from their humble beginnings back in 1985. Lorna and Don McLeod’s original purchase was a small business inventory which was set up in their mobile home. Lorna still laughs when she thinks about the cash register which used to sit on her kitchen counter!

Before long, the husband and wife entrepreneurial team bought an addition for the side of their trailer and moved all products into this new space. Business soon grew and the vision of an actual store building began to take shape. “This is where we have lived for nearly all of our 48 years of marriage,” says Lorna. “Our children were small and still at home when we started. When we outgrew our original expansion, the most obvious choice was to build our own building on our property.”

The husband and wife duo enjoy all the benefits that self-employment offers. “I love the convenience of my shop being close by, I love the independence that owning my business allows, but most of all, I love my customers,” explains Lorna. “I'm so thankful and grateful for the support of the community. Without them we would not have grown from our small start to a fully functioning, busy storefront,” she says.

County Herbs sells a great array of products, but Lorna explains that the Himalayan salt lamps are probably her favourite. “Not only are they beautiful, but they have such a wide range of health benefits.They help with allergies, depression, purifying the air and calming the surroundings."

“This community is amazing,” states Lorna. “The location, the beautiful scenery, and the supportive and friendly people. I love to enjoy everything this town has to offer. I’ll spend time with my husband taking early morning walks around our beautiful area. Some nights, I’ll crochet or knit. I'm a small town country girl."

“I feel strongly positive about our future here,” Lorna says. “We have weathered many an economic downturn but the products we carry are highly sought after. I am frequently told by my customers that I am never allowed to quit!"

3453 Hastings St
Hazelton, BC V0J 1Y1


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9:00 am - 7:00 pm
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