Queen Charlotte Harbour Authority

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The Queen Charlotte Harbour Authority was formed in 2006 to provide better service to private and commercial sailors as well as to provide a voice for the residents of Daajing Giids in the growth and development of the harbour. The Queen Charlotte Harbour Authority is governed by a board made up of volunteers from within the community, each of whom has a vested interest in the success of the harbour. Many are sailors and fishermen themselves and have an inside perspective on the needs of the harbour and the sailors who depend on it. The harbour itself provides a variety of services for its users, including moorage, water, power, a washroom, a lending library, parking and loading/unloading zones. It is located within walking distance of Daajing Giids shops and services and the Queen Charlotte Visitor Centre.


The Queen Charlotte Harbour Authority is governed by a dedicated volunteer board consisting of the following members:

President – Bill Woodworth
Secretary – Kate Simonot
Director – Laird Bateham
Director – William Davies
Director – Raven Rorick
Harbour Master – Kaelob Cormier

The Queen Charlotte Harbour Authority reports that it is nearing completion of its infrastructure improvement project which includes shower and washroom facilities. The improvements will make the facility more user-friendly for visitors while still promoting the commercial fishing and aquaculture industries that are the cornerstone of small craft harbours.

The board members have a vested interest in the harbour, with commercial fishing, charter boat, and recreational users all represented. Each of the board members has a passion for their community. Many have lived here for years, some for their entire lives. They all have an appreciation for the unique natural setting Haida Gwaii offers and are committed to keeping it a pristine, beautiful, sustainable place for both residents and visitors.


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