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Attention adventurers- North Beach Surf Shop is the essential stop for all of your outdoor exploration needs. Haida Gwaii is a place full of majestic vistas and hidden treasures; it’s a good thing the staff at North Beach have armed with endless local knowledge and know all the best spots.

Come on by the shop and outfit your adventures with top-of-the-line sports equipment including surfboards, stand-up-paddle boards, boogie boards, skim boards, skate boards, bikes, wetsuits, snorkel gear, crabbing nets and so much more! Be sure to check out their stylish threads as well- North Beach Surf Shop carries some top-notch swag ranging from t-shirts and hats to local art and giftware.

Even if you’re new to the adventure scene, a team of professional guides and instructors are more than happy to show you the way. North Beach Surf Shop is all about spreading the love of sport, often providing free equipment and lessons to youth within the community. Their selfless involvement has earned them the 2019 Village of Masset Entrepreneur of the Year award.

However you plan on spending your time on the island, make it a memorable one with North Beach Surf Shop. They are open year-round and offer something for all ages. See you there!

Meet Michael McQuade

Meet Michael McQuade

Michael McQuade had a dream and he went for it. He turned his passion into a full-fledged business and one that stimulates excitement and opportunity within his community. What began as a program focused on lessons for local demographics has quickly evolved into a venture for residents and tourists alike. “I love sharing my local experience with everyone,” says the entrepreneur. “I saw a market for this style of entertainment and followed my passion.”

According to Michael, owning a small business in Masset has been a hugely positive experience. Fellow entrepreneurs are always supportive of each other, rather than competing for customers. The island has such a tight-knit community, where the interconnection among residents plays an integral part in the laid back and carefree lifestyle.

Life in Haida Gwaii is unlike anywhere else. Michael loves to spend much of his time surfing North Beach, an endless expanse of soft white sand and panoramic vistas. He is thankful for his three minute bike commute to work, and the many other benefits of his small-town lifestyle. “We live in one of the most beautiful, magical places in the world!”

1630 Orr St
Masset, BC V0T 1M0


Monday to Saturday
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm