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Your Haida Gwaii exploration adventure awaits at Moresby Explorers. Guests can choose their own adventure boat tour ranging from one to four days in length. Every trip is fully catered with indoor accommodation. Guests will journey through the waters around Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site while learning more about Haida Gwaii’s fascinating history. Moresby Explorers also offers marine transportation, long-term kayak rentals and bike rentals. Guests can also purchase their own clothing and gear at the outdoor gear store. Accommodations are available before and after your boating adventure at the Seaport B&B, a new, clean and comfortable beachfront bed and breakfast in Sandspit. All staff is highly trained, professional and committed to safety and customer satisfaction.

Moresby Explorers is a member of the Gwaii Haanas Tour Operators Association.

Meet Laura Pattison & Heron Wier

Meet Laura Pattison & Heron Wier

Laura Pattison grew up on a small island in the Haida Gwaii chain where driving a boat was a simple matter of necessity. She learned to pilot at a young age and has been boating ever since. Heron Wier was raised in the wilderness at Rose Harbour, on the southern tip of Haida Gwaii and, like Laura, was more at home outdoors than in. Kayaking and boating were skills he developed as a child, and he never lost his passion for the waters and lands of Haida Gwaii. Operating Moresby Explorers was a very natural fit for both Laura and Heron, and doing so has allowed them to continue immersing themselves in the outdoor lifestyle that they have always loved.

Both Laura and Heron appreciate the business climate in the Sandspit area and Haida Gwaii in general, noting that it is different from other places. "It is not overly competitive," says Heron, "and I feel I can work together with other businesses without jeopardizing my own success." That same attitude carries over into everyday life in Haida Gwaii, where, Heron notes, the pace of life is very relaxed, and people who live here are friendly and willing to come together and help out their neighbours when it's needed. Sandspit, he adds, is a particularly cordial community. Plus, it's the perfect location for tourists to start their Haida Gwaii visit because it provides quick access to so many points of interest.

Of course, one of Haida Gwaii's greatest treasures is its vast natural outdoor playground. Heron and Laura are appreciative of the fact that there are so many amazing places to see and explore and yet there is still an extensive amount of untouched wilderness, too. The recreational opportunities available here are truly world-class according to Heron, with things to see, do and enjoy on both land and water.

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