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Do you want to feel more peaceful, calmer, joyful, more at ease? Do you wish you were more comfortable in your own skin? Then Jane is the person for you. She combines years of experience in the world of adult sexual health complimented by my experience as a hypnotherapist to provide a unique offering.  Reach out for a free consultation. You’ll be happy you did!

Anxiety disrupter. Shame destroyer. Intimacy expert. Normalizer.

Jane Langton Clinical Hypnotherapy offers professional Hypnotherapy services. These sessions are offered online through secure video and in-person from Haida Gwaii, BC.  Jane employs strategies and techniques to help achieve positive change, overcome stress, let go of anxieties, phobias, unwanted habits & allergies. As well, hypnosis can be effective in improving sleep, reducing pain, quitting smoking and more.  Having completed her first training program in 2009, she recently completed additional advanced training in the UK and qualified for the National Council of Hypnotherapists. She is also qualified through the International Association of Counselors and Therapists as well as the International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association. Jane’s approach is solution-focused Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy utilizing only evidence-based techniques.

Meet Jane Langton

Meet Jane Langton

Jane became interested in hypnosis as it is a natural and collaborative process and easy to learn. She uses these extremely effective and transformative techniques herself. Hypnotherapists teach this skill that allows the client’s mind to become more open to positive suggestion, insight and the releasing of negative habits and feelings. Rather than it being a loss of control, it’s about taking your power back. The process of hypnotherapy begins with an understanding of what self-hypnosis is. A primary aim is to teach you, the client, self-hypnosis so you leave with this new skill that can be used autonomously.

Jane is also an adult sexual health educator and advocate for access to relevant sexual health information across the lifespan. Jane loves facilitating extraordinary conversations and is passionate about creating a comfortable and safe space for people to finally speak candidly about the most intimate and seemingly difficult topics, often for the first time. She feels she’s never quite fit in so she utilizes her awkwardness (on the inside), warped sense of humour (a survival tool) and her leftover British accent, to give her the opportunity to facilitate these healing conversations. Jane was exhibition advisor for Adult Sexual Health to the Museum of Vancouver in their 2013 exhibit, Sex Talk in the City. That same year she was invited to speak at TEDxSFU. Her talk recently reached 4.9 million views!  Jane Langton | TEDxSFU - YouTube

"I certainly appreciate what this community of Haida Gwaii has to offer," says Jane. "More specifically, I am grateful for the supportive, collaborative and open-mindedness the folks here have created. When I first moved here I was walking home one day and I heard someone shout 'Hi Jane' to me. It made such an impact on me that being here only a few weeks someone who had lived here for many years had welcomed me so quickly to this beautiful place." Jane knew her decision to move to Haida Gwaii 'for good' was the right choice.

In her spare time, Jane enjoys walking the beautiful beaches with her dog, Lucy. Jungle beach is her favourite close to home. She also enjoys making soups, stews and smoothies, dancing & singing with friends (while pretending to know the words) and devouring all the books she can find on her two favourite topics!