Green Eggs Market

Food & Beverage-Health & Wellness

Green Eggs Market is one of those places you absolutely need to check out. From the wholesome, quality ingredients, to the environmentally friendly packaging, this neighbourhood take-out joint checks all the right boxes.

Conveniently located in Skidegate Landing next to the ferry terminal, Green Eggs Market is the perfect stop over before beginning or ending your Haida Gwaii adventures. Get your fix of the most delicious, nutrient-packed smoothies around, or treat yourself to a scrumptious panini creation.

On-the-go doesn’t need to be greasy- keep your mind, body and soul happy and healthy with a wide range of fresh meal options at Green Eggs Market. Whatever your selection, it’s a guaranteed to be a great choice!

This quaint little shop also features a ton of local produce, in addition to various hand-crafted items and merchandize from vibrant artisans and fellow entrepreneurs. With community in mind, Green Eggs Market aims to promote a healthy and sustainably local economy.

Stop by and see for yourself- Green Eggs Market is must!

Meet Sarah Spencer

Meet Sarah Spencer

There’s nothing like having a serious health scare to wake you up and get you focused on what truly matters in life- and that’s exactly what happened to Sarah Spencer. After being given a clean bill of health, Sarah decided she wanted to dedicate her time to a new endeavour. As an already health-conscious individual, Sarah now had the addition drive to optimize her physical and mental well-being potential.

With a longstanding dream to own their own shop, Sarah and her husband, Lyle, took a leap of faith into entrepreneurship with her very own Green Eggs Market. Sharing their wealth of knowledge and passion for healthy, satisfying foods is just the icing on the cake. Their love of creating delectable combinations is evident in every menu selection. Lyle also contributes his wood-working skills along with beautiful hand-made souvenirs.

Together, the Spencers are looking forward and feel optimistic about running a small business in Haida Gwaii. They chose to build their business in their beloved community, as they both know in their hearts that they are islanders for life. There are an endless number of wonderful things to say about Haida Gwaii, but for the Spencers, it’s “the people, the air, and overall atmosphere! The uniqueness still amazes us!”

4920 Hwy 16
Skidegate Landing, BC V0T 1S0


Spring Hours
Tuesday to Friday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm