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Imagine sandwiches reinvented to the next level of unpretentious and yet sophisticated scrumptiousness. It’s true- such a place exists and it’s known as Gather. Located within the heart of Daajing Giids (Daajing Giids), this exciting foodie hot-spot offers tantalizing, island-inspired fare for both dine-in and take-out, using as many locally foraged ingredients as possible. The attention to coastal flair and flavour shines through impeccably, with every bite leaving customers craving more. Breads and pastas are made from scratch, seafood is caught fresh that day, all dishes are made to order, and suppliers are selected for their quality ingredients made right here in BC.

Not only does Gather offer excellent meal options for locals and visitors alike, the space is available for communal dinners and private events. Host your next big bash in the comfortable dining room and celebrate with loved ones like you’ve never celebrated before.

If you’re interested in placing an order or enquiring about bookings, text 778-260-1145 with your selections of choice or questions. Gather is one of those places you’ll absolutely fall in love with.

Meet Giulio Piccioli

Meet Giulio Piccioli

Giulio Piccioli has been blessed with a background in culinary traditions from his homeland of Italy. Steeped in ancient flavours and treasured family recipes, Giulio feels that he is mastering a harmonious blend of old country with notes of innovation and creativity now that he has spent more than half his life in BC. As recent newcomers to Haida Gwaii, the Piccioli family has found it incredibly inspiring to learn the ways of the islanders, the techniques in foraging, the skills in fishing and the seasoned producers of all of nature's glory. Giulio and his partner Anne-Marie Cayer along with their two young children, have discovered the welcoming spirit of the community members. “I love the story we hear from many - and this also applies to us. We came to visit, we ended up staying,” shares Giulio. “It's indicative of how special Haida Gwaii is.”

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